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In-home water treatment systems help condition your drinking water and remove toxins, heavy metals, and turbidity, leaving you with water that tastes better, does not stain, and is free of arsenic and lead.

Improving Quality of Life Through Better Water

One of the biggest challenges to living rurally in Alaska is access to clean and potable water. We solve that problem with our rural water treatment systems—no more hauling water and storing it. Instead, turn on the tap for clean, fresh water.

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Problems We Solve

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Hard Water

In Alaska, a good indication of hard water is bathtub rings, dingy laundry, scale deposits, spotty dishes, dry skin, and frequent appliance breakdowns. Our advanced filtration and water treatment systems remove the minerals that cause hard water.

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Iron or Rust Staining

Staining may occur in sinks, toilets, and other places where you use water. In addition, iron can build up in wells. The colors can vary, but the most common cause is having too much iron or bacteria in the water.

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Dirty Contaminated Water

The two most dangerous contaminants found in our Alaska water are bacteria and arsenic. Additional contaminants in Alaska water include nitrates, lead, and copper. There is also the turbidity that follows the glacial melt.

The First Step is to have your water tested by a trusted water test lab to determine what contaminants are present.


Sulfur Smell and Taste

Two common problems with Alaska water are the unpleasant taste or odor coming from the tap. The most common cause of unpleasant taste is a high iron content, which gives you a metallic after taste. Water with high sulfur content might smell like rotten eggs. We solve water odor and taste issues through advanced filtration, leaving your tap free to deliver clean, fresh water.

About Us

Alaska Water Conditioning is your locally owned water treatment systems company that prides itself on providing quality water treatment solutions developed from the most effective technologies available.
We make it easier to depend on your water source for clean, disinfected water. Put our exceptional experience to work solving your water quality issues.

With over 75 years of combined experience, the professionals at Alaska Water Conditioning offer your home or business.

  • Sound, industry-backed facts to identify your water problems via lab-tested results
  • The proper solutions that improve your water quality-Every water source is unique, and we help you understand the challenges that your water source has and how to eliminate them.
  • Outstanding, professional service – We have the experience and expertise to solve your water problems. Put our professional team to work on your water quality issues.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. The Alaska Water Conditioning team includes:

  • State-licensed journeymen plumbers with over 35 years of in-home water treatment system installation and service experience
  • ADEC certified water treatment and distribution professional
  • We have a knowledgeable sales staff who offers over 25 years of experience identifying water problems and solutions to our customers.

Every property in Alaska is different, and the water quality challenges they face are unique. We work with you to identify the unique water quality problems you face and provide solutions that remove those problems and replace them with clean, fresh water. So if you are tired of the struggle to make the laundry clean, the water drinkable, and your sinks and toilet free of rust stains, give us a call. We provide professional water treatment and filtration services throughout the greater Anchorage area.

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What You Can Do to Solve Water Quality Issues

If you are tired of living with poor-quality water and you are ready to learn more about the water quality problems that affect your home and property, give us a call. We will help you to:

  • Identify each water-quality issue you face.
  • Provide options for improving or removing each problem.
  • Install an in-home treatment system that fits your water usage needs, and that will deliver quality, clean, fresh, and potable water directly from your tap.
  • We can also train you to handle the regular maintenance for your filtration or water treatment system.
  • We can continue to service and supply parts, including filters, for you through our professional-grade maintenance program.

Learn more now by calling us or reaching out to the team through email.

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Alaska Treatment Solutions

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Customer Testimonials

Tom Anderson
Mike is very impressive. He’s helped maintain our complex water system for over a decade. Knowledge and experience really matter in this area and he and his team are experts. Highly recommended!
Rindy C
So helpful! They’re efficient, on time, know what they are doing, affordable and they do a great job.
Mike Gemmell
Mike at Alaska Water Conditioning is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I just purchased a home and we discovered a water issue during inspection. Mike was helpful throughout the entire process before I even owned the home through to making sure everything was running great after I moved in. Highly recommend this company
Phil Nagl
Very helpful with my water softener issue
Joseph Jeffrey
Fantastic company to work with. Tested my water for free and gave me a recommendation on the exact setup I needed to have better water. Install was extremely quick, and they even routed my plumbing for the water into a more accessible/centralized area for me in the process. I would and have already recommended this company to others looking for an in house water treatment system.
randy Howard
Fast and friendly, was straight with me and didn't try to upsell anything
Tracy B
I thought I had to replace my water softener. Mike came out and said he could fix the one I had and he did. I was so thankful! Excellent, honest, efficient service. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Thank you!!
Karste Handy
Sheila C.
Professional, efficient, local, and knowledgeable! We worked with John Brooks from Alaska Water Conditioning today, and were very impressed! They will definetely be our source for all our future water conditioning needs, can't recommend them enough!
Matt Jeffers
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Received good advice and completed my job with no problems.

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