Can a Water Softener System Help Solve Iron and Rust Staining?

You notice it immediately when there is an iron or rust staining issue in a home or business.

Visually, the sinks, toilets, showers, washing machines, and dishwashers are dingy. In addition, the drinking water is cloudy and may have a metallic taste to it, or it may taste sour. Clothes are dingy, and lighter-colored clothing may look dirty with a reddish tint.

rust stain

If these conditions represent your home water situation, a home water softener system may be just the answer you need. Again, turn to the exceptional and professional team at Alaska Water Conditioning Inc.

We provide:

  • Certified and licensed professionals
  • 75 plus years of experience in solving poor water quality
  • New, modern systems that employ the latest in clean water technology.
  • Service, maintenance, repair, and complete installation of water purification systems
  • Supplies; including filters for many types of water filters and purification systems
  • Training so that you can maintain your home’s water filter or purification system


Home Water Softener System

Can a home water softener system help solve heavy iron and rust water quality issues?

Yes. The Twin Tank Alaskan Turbo-clean system is a powerful reverse osmosis filtration unit that uses resin cartridges to trap impurities found in water. The result is clean and improved water with higher quality for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning.

The benefits of using a home water softener system include:

  • Higher efficiency from water appliances, such as washing machines, hot water heaters, and dishwashers.
  • Reduction in damage to home plumbing systems due to hard water calcification
  • Cleaner laundry without the reddish tint
  • Better skin health thanks to a decrease in skin irritants from hard water minerals
  • Cleaner sinks, toilets, and showers thanks to the removal of excess iron and rust from the water
  • Better tasting drinking water that is also cleaner and clearer rather than sour and murky

At Alaska Water Conditioning Inc, we put our 75+ years of experience to work on every poor quality water issue we encounter. Our solution to solving heavy iron and rust levels in drinking water is the Twin Tank Alaskan Turbo-Clean System. The product is an advanced reverse osmosis filter with resin cartridges that remove impurities, including iron and rust from water.

Traditional soft water filters have had issues that make managing a household challenging and supplying clean drinking water. The Twin Tank Alaskan Turbo-Clean System solves those problems too.

twin tank filter

Problems Solved:

Slow Refill Times – In the past, soft water filters were slow to refill, making it difficult to use a lot of water at one time – multiple morning showers, multiple loads of laundry, etc. The Twin Tank Alaskan Turbo-clean System does not have a water regeneration issue. As a result, you have access to clean water 24-7 making it easier to manage your household cleaning and chore lists without the long wait times for clean, fresh water to regenerate in the filter.

High Operation Costs – Older models of softwater filters required a lot of salt and constant filter changes. With the Twin tank Alaskan Turbo-Clean system, the high-quality resin filters last longer thanks to a regeneration process that uses soft water. That process means you use less salt, and the resin filters last longer.

Low Energy Usage – On average, it costs just $0.0745/kw for the system to regenerate one take of water. Therefore, electrical usage is estimated to be less than one US quarter for an entire year. Of course, the cost goes up if you use more than one regeneration per day.

Is the Twin Tank Alaskan Turbo-Clean System the right solution for your home’s poor water quality?

  • If high concentrations of iron or rust degrade your water quality in the water, a water softener filter is a good investment.
  • If your home’s water is considered hard water, a soft water filtration system will remove the excess calcium and magnesium from your piped water.
  • You are tired of the extra cleaning required to keep sinks, toilets, and appliances clean due to the added staining from iron or rust particles in your water, then investing in a water softener for your home or business is a good move.

Twin Tank Alaskan Turbo-Clean System provides:

Twin Tank System provides soft water 24/7

Regeneration with soft water keeps internal parts and resin cleaner so they last longer.

Savings in both salt usage and water.

Less than 25 cents electric per year! *Based on one regeneration per day at $0.0745/kw