Sulfur Water Treatment Systems

Can a Sulfur water filter system improve your home’s water quality?

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If your tap water smells like rotten eggs or has a foul odor, a sulfur water filter system can help. If you are tired of bathing in water that stinks, removing the sulfur and other impurities from your tap water will replace the foul-smelling water with clean, purified water.

Sulfur water treatment systems are part of a reverse osmosis system that cleans the water from your filter to your tap. The process is customizable and fits well into rural Alaskan homesteads, where clean water is often one of the biggest challenges homeowners face.

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to push water through a filter. As the water passes through the filter, all the impurities in the water are removed. Those impurities include sulfur, iron, bacteria, water biota, and toxins like lead and arsenic.

It is no secret that each parcel faces different water quality issues. For that reason, we use a system that allows us to configure it to solve the poor water quality for each home or business we service.

The process starts with a quality water test that uses advanced technologies to show us what is in your drinking water. From there, we will customize and configure an Alaskan Turbo-Clean Filter System that handles each water quality issue for your home. The result is vastly improved water quality enabling you to enjoy fresh, clean water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

There is no longer a reason to live with poor water quality at home or work. The Alaskan Turbo-Clean Filter system removes sulfur, organic iron, and other impurities. The strength of the system is that it can handle different configurations for different applications. We will custom design a system for your specific conditions.

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What do you get from an Alaskan Turbo Clean System?

Turbo clean system
  • Pressure tank installation and replacement
  • Food-grade polymer storage tank & injection pump
  • Auxiliary Tank for increased contact time and heavy settling
  • Turbo clean backwash filtration tank
  • Pot perm or chlorine tank for oxidation

The Benefits of Installing an Alaskan Turbo-Clean System

Beyond the vast improvement in water quality, the Alaskan Turbo-Clean System offers a list of benefits that you may not find in all filtration systems. Those include:

  • Clean, filtered water is available 24/7. Because of the advanced technology and twin-piston design, the Alaskan Turbo-Clean System supplies filtered water pretty much on-demand. You no longer have to wait for the system to regenerate to enjoy clean, filtered water.
  • The advanced resin filters are cleaned using softened water to remain clean longer. The process backwashes the filters removing the impurities that they trap. Once those particles are disposed of, the system continues to filter water. The process offers cost savings for homeowners since filter replacement is delayed. In addition, you don’t have to replace the filters as often.
  • The system requires fewer supplies. The Alaskan Turbo-Clean System uses less salt and extends the life of its resin filters-another cost-savings benefit.

Is The Alaskan Turbo-Clean System A Good Investment for Your Home?

If your home has poor water quality investing in an Alaska Turbo-Clean System is likely a good move. It helps with issues including:

  • Sulfur smell or rotten egg smelling water
  • Iron and rust staining for tubs, appliances, sinks, and toilets
  • Dingy and reddish-tinted clothing from high turbidity in your water
  • Toxins such as arsenic and lead from your water
  • Removes dangerous bacteria and other germs from water

How To Get Started Improving the Water Quality for Your Home or Business

The process starts with a quality water sample with a trusted lab. The sample should offer broad-spectrum testing so that you get a clear picture of the water quality challenges you face. Then, because each property is different, you must get your own water sample tested. Your home water sample is likely to have a slightly different outcome from your neighbor’s water sample.


Once the water sample results are in, you can contact us. If you need help with a water sample and testing, we can help you. The water sample results allow us to customize an Alaskan Turbo-Clean Filtration System that will solve all of the issues that show up on your water quality report.

The Alaska Turbo-Clean filtration system allows us to build a system that is easy to use, will keep you in fresh, clean water, and will solve the poor water quality issues you face. We make it easy to enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean water.

Learn more now by giving us a call. We offer more than 75 years of experience helping homeowners and businesses improve drinking water quality.