Services We Offer

Alaska Water Conditioning, Inc. provides exceptional water filtration systems throughout the greater Anchorage community for home and water treatment systems. Water quality is one of the biggest challenges that rural properties face.

We isolate each clean water challenge for your property and find solutions that remove that challenge.

Our residential services include water filtration systems for the home that contain
the latest technological advancements and proven technologies that help remove particulate and chemicals that cause:


  • Bad tasting water
  • Water that smells awful
  • Iron and minerals that cause staining or hard water deposits
  • Toxins and heavy metals such as arsenic and lead.

Can Water Treatment Do All Of That?

Yes, they can. We remove the water issues you face with our expertise and exceptional experience in water treatment for homes and large properties. Our residential services include:

Residential Services

running water

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping water treatment systems running at peak efficiency so that they continue to deliver clean, fresh, and potable water. We can set up a maintenance schedule for you, or we offer ways to learn to handle preventative maintenance for Alaskan water treatment systems.


Other Brands We Service

We service Hague Hydro-Clean water filtration units and water treatment systems. We are the Hague Hydro-Clean authorized service provider for all of Alaska. If you have another type of water filtration system that needs service, we may be able to help. If it is time to replace an orphaned unit or water treatment system, we can help. We offer installation services for water treatment systems for homes and can evaluate your existing equipment and let you know if there is still life left in it.


Onsite Training

We will teach you how to care for your water filter system and how to test water samples, so you can identify and isolate water treatment challenges for your property. You can schedule home training with one of our experts, or you can book classes in our office. We allow you to choose the best option for you.

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Well Disinfection

We return soiled wells to a healthy state so that they produce potable water to your land or home. Well sanitizing is a twice-per-year treatment that removes harmful bacteria and iron from the water. When you sanitize your well, the taste of the water improves, the odor of the water is fresh, and the staining decreases. Well disinfection should be done in the spring and again in the fall. It is also handy to disinfect your well if any well repair or maintenance may disturb the soil.

Products We Offer

blue water

Water Softeners for Hard Water

Our water treatment systems for homes are the key to removing the minerals that cause hard water and calcification of pipes, sinks, tubs, and other water-holding devices. Water softeners help keep pipes free of mineral buildup, hard scale off of tubs, sinks, and faucets while improving the taste of the water you drink.

ice melting

Silt Removal Systems

Spring and summer glacier and snowmelt means high turbidity in rivers and tributary streams. That load of particulate can make its way into wells too. If your water is cloudy at the tap, a silt removal system will clean the water. It means improved cleaning for washing machines, drinking water, and water for bathing.

ice melting

Reverse Osmosis (Contaminants)

Reverse osmosis removes the smallest of impurities and soluble toxins from water. When every glass of water must be sparkling clean, a reverse osmosis system is a perfect choice.

rusty water

Iron & Sulfur Removal Systems

Our water treatment systems remove iron deposits and iron-binding bacteria from groundwater and well water. The systems will remove sulfur from wells and groundwater, giving you clean water that will not stain your sinks or tubs and does not smell like rotten eggs. If your water stinks or the iron concentrates are so high that your toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs are reddish-orange, then an iron and sulfur removal system can help improve the quality of your water.

water filter cartridges

Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are the heart of any filtration system. We stock all of the filter cartridges needed for the systems we sell and some for other brands. So if you have a hard time finding filters or want to stock up on them, we are your one-stop water system filter supplier.


Arsenic Removal (Contaminants)

We sell water filtration systems that remove arsenic and other contaminants from your well water or water collection system. We have the perfect solution if you are concerned about toxins such as arsenic and lead in your water.


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